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Erich Mendelsohn: Architecture of Dialogue

The Avie and Sarah Arenson Built Heritage Research Center (BHRC) at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion will host its fifth international symposium on heritage, history, and culture. The symposium will take place at the Technion in Haifa on March 22-23, 2022. This year, the symposium will focus on architect Erich Mendelsohn's (1887-1953) work as having Outstanding Universal Value, so as to nominate his oeuvre for a serial multinational world heritage site. Architecture of Dialogue emphasizes Mendelsohn's work as a central aspect of the cultural-architectural dialogue of mid-twentieth century modernism and investigates narratives and approaches to studying, publicizing and conserving it.


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ענבל בן-אשר גיטלר inbalbag@gmail.com Inbal Ben-Asher Gitler, Ph.D. Senior Lecturer, Sapir Academic College Adjunct Lecturer, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
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