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אירוע // הרצאה: שימוש בכתובת כדי לשכתב את ההיסטוריה: הליודורוס סטאלי וקשתות האדריאנוס (גרגורי ראוו) (סדרת קולות העיר) [פוליס, ירושלים & מקוון] 27.5.22

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Using Inscription to Rewrite History: the Heliodorus Stelae and the Arches of Hadrian / Gregory Rowe

Recent discoveries of copies of a letter from King Seleucus IV to his minister Heliodorus and of a dedication by Legio X Fretensis to the Emperor Hadrian on Jerusalem’s Third Wall, have caused scholars to rethink the origins of the first and last Jewish uprisings against Graeco-Roman rule. Namely, the Maccabean Revolt (167–160 BCE) and the Bar Kokhba Revolt (132–36 CE). Taking the new discoveries as a starting-point, Professor Rowe’s lecture will reflect on the use of inscription as historical evidence generally – considering such aspects as monumentality, serial character, official bias, and capacity to create facts on the ground. The lecture is also intended as an introduction to epigraphical methodology and to the Greek and Latin epigraphy component of the new Jerusalem Studies Program, which he will be teaching this fall.


27.5.22, 11:15-12:45

* (קולותהעיר)

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מרווין מנשה עשר פוליס - המכון ללשונות ולמדעי הרוח בירושלים (ע"ר) marvin.esser@polisjerusalem.org https://www.polisjerusalem.org/
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Polis Institute, Classroom 6 (Also available live online) 8 HaAyin Het St 9511208 Jerusalem
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