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אירוע // הרצאה: מה ניתן ללמוד על האינטרקציות החברתיות והאינטלקטואליות בירושלים מתפוקת הספרים שלה בימי הביניים? (מרב מאק) (סדרת קולות העיר) [פוליס, ירושלים & מקוון] 13.4.22

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What can we learn about Jerusalem's social and intellectual exchanges from its book production in the Middle Ages? / Dr. Merav Mack

Since antiquity Jerusalem has served as a center for writers, theologians, poets, and thinkers. However, it has also endured a great number of wars that relinquished its libraries and manuscripts. Against all odds, hundreds of manuscripts have survived from medieval Jerusalem in more than 12 different languages. These include religious as well as non-religious writings, some of which exhibit great works of art. Professor Mack has embarked on a project to systematically assemble and compare these manuscripts for the first time. This lecture is a look at her work in progress and an opportunity to share early findings and research dilemmas.


13.4.22, 15:30-17:00

* (קולותהעיר)

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מרווין מנשה עשר פוליס - המכון ללשונות ולמדעי הרוח בירושלים (ע"ר) marvin.esser@polisjerusalem.org https://www.polisjerusalem.org/
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Polis Institute, Classroom 6 (Also available live online) 8 HaAyin Het St 9511208 Jerusalem
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