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אירוע // תזכורת / הרצאה: אתיקה ללא מוסר? פרספקטיבה היסטורית על נורמות ביו-רפואיות בשווייץ (מגליי טורניי) (סדרת מכון כהן) [אונ ת"א] 7.3.22

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יום ב’ 7/3/2022 שעה 18:00 גילמן 449


Magaly Tornay, History of Medicine, University of Bern

Ethics Without Morals? A Historical Perspective on Biomedical Norms in Switzerland

Since the 1970s, the limits of life have increasingly been negotiated under the label of ethics. This development manifests itself today in many forms – as medical, clinical, or bioethics or more recently as neuro- and eco-ethics – and has been described as a ‘moralization’ of Western societies. However, the history of biomedical ethics in Switzerland shows that it is rather a procedure to produce trust: By articulating problems in a universalistic language and shifting them into an apolitical discourse, morals in a broader sense were to be avoided. The talk discusses several conflicting stories around the beginning and end of life (definition of death, reproductive material, genetic engineering) from the archives of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences – the main actor issuing guidelines and negotiating ethics in the country, an actor closely linked to the pharmaceutical industry.



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