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אירוע // סדרת הרצאות: רוחות וקולות של העיר - ירושלים (סדרת קולות העיר) [פוליס, ירושלים & מקוון]

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New Interdisciplinary Colloquium: Souls and Sounds of the City

Dr. Tania Notarius and Lecturer Henri Gourinard of the Polis Institute are preparing the program for a new Interdisciplinary Colloquium, Souls and Sounds of the City, which aims to be a shared ground for researchers, writers, and students, interested in different aspects of the Jerusalem cultural heritage in its Near Eastern context (archaeology, anthropology, epigraphy and paleography, history, languages, etc). The objective of the colloquium is to share our academic activities in the field of Jerusalem and Near Eastern Studies, to develop a network within the scholarly community and the public in general, and to promote research at the Polis Institute.  Four lectures are planned for 2022, the first being held January 27.

The lectures will be held at the Polis Jerusalem Campus, classroom 6.  They will be free, open to the public, and available live online.  Lectures may or may not be recorded for future use depending on the permission of the speaker.  They are not part of the academic curriculum at Polis and anyone is welcome to be part of the network and suggest topics for future lectures.

Schedule of Lectures

Lecture 1.

Topic: The Haredi Sector in Jerusalem: Past, Present and Future

Lecturer: Aaron Eitan

Date: Thursday January 27, 15:30 – 17:00

Lecture 2.

Topic: What can we learn about Jerusalem's social and intellectual exchanges from it's book production in the Middle Ages?

Lecturer: Merav Mack

Date: TBD

Lecture 3.

Topic: Last Archaeological Discoveries in Jerusalem: Oil Lamps From the Roman Period as Identity Markers

Lecturer: Benyamin Storchand

Date: TBD

Lecture 4.

Topic: The image and inscription of Caesar, the body of Christ: display and mutilation of images, inscriptions, and bodies in Herodian and Roman Judaea

Lecturer: Gregory Rowe

Date: TBD


The lectures are free however pre-registration is required by contacting us at info@polisjerusalem.org  .  Upon registration, a zoom link will be provided for those who choose to participate online.


מפרסם ההודעה
מרווין מנשה עשר פוליס - המכון ללשונות ולמדעי הרוח בירושלים (ע"ר) marvin.esser@polisjerusalem.org https://www.polisjerusalem.org/
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פוליס - המכון ללשונות ומדעי הרוח בירושלים, רח' הע"ח 8 מוסררה ירושלים
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