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אירוע // הרצאה: מה פילוסופים יכולים ללמוד מכימיה (סדרה: סמינר מכון כהן) [אונ ת"א, מקוון] 6.12.21

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What Philosophers Can Learn from Chemistry

Chemistry deserves more philosophical attention not so much to do justice to a long-neglected science but to undermine a number of taken-for-granted assumptions about scientific rationality and more importantly to diversify our metaphysical views of nature and reality. Because over the course of many centuries chemists have developed a special access to nature and a special way of investigating and dealing with material substances, they have confronted a number of epistemological and ontological issues that are worth discussing.






(סמינר מחלקתי מכון כהן 2021/22)


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