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אירוע // הרצאה: הלוגיקה של משילות היברידית - פרויקט הטלויזיה במעגל סגור של חורא (אנה ליכניצר) (סמינר הקיץ של סדרת מעברים) [מקוון] 5.7.21

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Hybrid governmentality logics: Hura CCTV project, a case study

Anna Lichinitzer. Monday July 5th, 2021, 14:00-14:40.

The seven planed Bedouins cities that have been established in the Negev 30 years ago were the subject for some Geo-political research. Issues of society and space in forced sedentretion context have shed light on theoretical paradigms, private- public spheres, municipal decision process, and city planning. A political-historical line of events that gave birth to this special settlement has been also the focus for research about the Israeli- Palestinian conflict and its dispute over land.

This work aspires to implement the Panoptic Analysis model by Michel Foucault (1975) on a CCTV project in the Local Municipality of Hura. Stating the year 2012 as a starting point for the project, this research analyses the rudimentary steps that have been taken before and after the establishment of the city control center, and the implementation of over 600 CCTV cameras across Hura’s roads and institutions.

The Projections and Aspirations held by both municipality figures and Residents are emphasized in this research, to add tier to the paradigms of surveillance theory and neo-colonial studies. By examining the layout of cameras spread, and the narrative about their presence in the forced sedentary Bedouin space, this work wishes to describe their multi-layered roll as a tool intended not only to achieve legal governmentality and development. In addition to their formal roll, field work findings indicate a desire for cultural determination in the global-local fight that is being held in Hura. A surveillance technology is expected to replace human rolls, such as protecting the lives of the residents, and society boundaries. This study also seeks to uncover the opposite rope strokes that apply in this space, with one side acting to exert liberal, universal, and individual values, and the other side fighting for the preservation of the tribe and its long-standing traditions.

Anna Lichinitzer Has recently finished with excellency her master’s degree from the Department of Politics and Government at Ben-Gurion University. Her Master thesis analyses new and old surveillance mechanisms in the forced sedentretion space of Hura local council, one of seven Bedouin-planned townships at the north of the Negev. She received her Psychology bachelor’s degree also from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Today she is the project manager of the Economy Department at the General Histadrut labour federation, and a Ph.D. candidate at Flensburg University. Her doctoral research will involve issues of transitional justice, minority Issues, and national Institutions of collective Memory.


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