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אירוע // הרצאה: היסטוריות של תשומת-לב (גרהם ברנט) [תל אביב, מקוון] 21.4.21

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ביום חמישי  22.5 בשעה 16:30, במסגרת קולוקויום בר הילל , יתארח (וירטואלית) באוניברסיטה העברית גרהם ברנט מפרינסטון, נושא הרצאתו: Histories of Attention (and Our Present)

רצ”ב הקישור:https://huji.zoom.us/j/86945991955?pwd=dk41WTlYZFFhRVZja2QzcmJibCtDdz09


Histories of Attention (and Our Present)

Graham Burnett, Princeton University, History of Science

A colloquium presentation on 22 April 2021


Dynamic shifts in the digital mediation of individual and social life have led to dire expressions of concern about the “fracking” of human attentional capacities by a new and powerful “Attention Economy.”  Our contemporary condition opens new questions about the history of attention. Can we historicize attentional regimes? Can such work provide helpful perspectives on the present? Drawing on recent research in history, art history, and the history of science, Burnett will attempt to frame this broad and interdisciplinary program of inquiry. He will also present excerpts from his own work in progress in this area, dealing with shifting understandings of “vigilance” in the Cold War.

D. Graham Burnett is a professor of History and History of Science at Princeton University, where he is affiliated with the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in the Humanities (IHUM). He is the author of a number of books on a range of topics, including law, environmentalism, and the connections between science and empire. He is the series editor of “Conjectures” at The Public Domain Review, an editor at the art and culture journal Cabinet, and his creative work with the collective ESTAR(SER) has been presented widely, most recently at MANA Contemporary (Jersey City), the Reina Sofia (Madrid); and the 33rd São Paulo Biennial (2018). He is based in New York City, and associated with The Friends of Attention.

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