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אירוע // מפגש: איך להגדיל את הפרודוקטיביות שלך בכתיבה מדעית, ולמנוע שיתוק כתיבה? (עמוס בוסקילה) (סדרת מעברים) [מקוון] 19.11.20

כתובת ההודעה: https://www.hum-il.com/message/0111812/

How to increase your creativity in scientific writing, while preventing writer’s block? A talk for graduate students and others. With Prof. Amos Bouskila, Dept. of Life Sciences, Ben-Gurion Univ. of the Negev. Thursday 19th of November, 2020, 14:00-15:30. Jerusalem Time (GMT+2)  Zoom here.

We will learn stages in a simple technique that enables us to write a thesis, a proposal or an article with continuity and enthusiasm.  The use of the suggested stages will allow you to express your creativity, even if you were sure that creativity is not one of your strengths. With this technique you will be able to prevent one of the most frustrating feelings in the life of a scientist – writer’s block. The presentation is based on a workshop in which I participated as a graduate student in California. It revolutionized my writing of the thesis, and since then, many generations of my students have benefited from it. My former students tell me the technique keeps helping them loyally, ever since they were exposed to it, during all types of writing tasks they encounter in their professional life.


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