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חדשות, שיתוף הקהילה ועוד // פנייה: השתתפות במחקר על מגדר ושבתונים - שאלון בן 5 דקות בלבד! (שלומית יובל גרינברג, ליעד מודריק)

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Hello all,

Shlomit Yuval Greenberg and myself are conducting a study about gender and sabbaticals, and would appreciate your help with filling it and spreading the word.

In the link below you will find a very short and anonymous questionnaire (3-5 minutes to fill) that we are distributing among academic faculty members who are eligible for sabbaticals.

We would really appreciate it you could fill it out and also distribute it to other academics around the world (male and female alike). We are hoping to get to as many academics as possible, across all disciplines.


Many thanks
Liad Mudrik & Shlomit Yuval-Greenberg
Tel Aviv University

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