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אירוע // סדנה: צדקה במשפט העברי הקלאסי [ירושלים] 16-18.7.19

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Charity in Classical Jewish Law

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and The University of British Columbia

Charity in Classical Jewish Law


July 16-18, 2019

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mount Scopus, Law Faculty, “Freimann Room” (Room 357)


Tuesday, July 16

08:45 Welcome and Introductions: Benjamin Porat, Hebrew University, and Gregg Gardner, University of British Columbia

09:00 Sara Milstein, University of British Columbia, “The Care of Widows… or the Wives of Dead Men”

10:20 Ryan Schroeder, University of British Columbia, “Poverty and Charity in the Book of Ruth”

11:50 Yehoshua Pfeffer, Hebrew University, “Charity and the Virtue of Eating the Fruit of One’s Own Labor”

14:30 R. Gillian Glass, University of British Columbia, “Charity in the Hellenistic Jewish Book of Tobit”

15:50 Nathan Eubank, University of Notre Dame, “Charity as Devotion to God in the Pauline Tradition”

17:20 Chaya Halberstam, Kings College at Western University, “Justice or Generosity? Caring for the Poor in Court”

Wednesday, July 17

09:00 Amit Gvaryahu, Hebrew University, “Making the Poor Disappear in Akivan Midrash”

10:20 Yael Wilfand, Hebrew University, “Inclusion or Exclusion: A Reconsideration of Tannaitic Perspectives on the Poor”

11:50 Krista Dalton, Kenyon College, “Charitable Donations, Torah Study, and Their Conceptual Relationship”

14:30 Catherine Hezser, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, “Charity and Communal Prestige: The Rabbinic Promotion of Popular Euergetism”

15:50 Menachem Katz, Hemdat Hadarom College, “Literary Analysis of Selected Sugyot on Poverty and Charity in Rabbinic Texts”

17:20 Tzvi Novick, University of Notre Dame, “A Kinsman in Straits: Yannai on Leviticus”

Thursday, July 18

09:00 Jeffrey Rubenstein, New York University, “The Story-Cycle on Charity in b. Ketubot”

10:20 Christine Hayes, Yale University, “Charity and Empathy: Questioning Motives”

11:50 Gregg Gardner, University of British Columbia, “Recompense for Charity in Early Rabbinic Literature”

14:30 Benjamin Porat, Hebrew University, “Charity as Insurance: A New Perspective on Charity and its Surprising Ramifications”

15:50 Hayim Lapin, University of Maryland, “‘Blessings and Deeds’ on Fees and Charitable Redistribution”

17:20 Alyssa Gray, Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion, “The Charity Homily in Song of Songs Zuta”


Benjamin Porat, Hebrew University, and Gregg E. Gardner, University of British Columbia

Attendance to the sessions is free; please RSVP to amy.birkan@mail.huji.ac.il


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