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אירוע // סדנה: ספקנות ואפיסטמולוגיה חברתית [חיפה 8.4.19] דדליין להרשמה=6.4.19

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You are invited to a workshop entitled "Skepticism and Social Epistemology" that will take place at the Department of Philosophy at the University of Haifa on Monday, April ‎‎8, 2019.

Although skepticism is a central theme in epistemology, skepticism is rarely dealt with in ‎social epistemology. A rarely challenged assumption in the epistemology of testimony is ‎that subjects normally acquire knowledge and justified belief from the testimony of ‎others. However, even if we can gain knowledge from non-testimonial sources, such as ‎perception and inference, there might be special reasons why we cannot get knowledge or ‎justified belief from testimony. Our increasing reliance on technologically and ‎algorithmically mediated testimonies and phenomena such as fake news may also cast ‎doubts on our possibility of getting testimonial knowledge in general or specific cases. ‎The workshop talks address these issues.

The presenters in the workshop are Arnon Keren, Aviv Barnoy, Boaz Miller, Bryan Frances, Maya Roman, Ori Freiman, and Sandy Goldberg.

Attendance is is free of charge, but prior registration is required.

You may see the full program and register to the workshop at http://philevents.org/event/show/71482 or you can register by sending an email to boaz.m@zefat.ac.il.


מפרסם ההודעה
Boaz Miller, PhD Senior Lecturer Department of Management Information Systems Zefat academic College http://boazmiller.com boaz.m@zefat.ac.il
כתובת מלאה
אוניברסיטת חיפה, המחלקה לפילוסופיה, קומה 19, בניין אשכול
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