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אירוע // כנס: מדע, גזע, אתניות וזהות [באר שבע] 22.10.18

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Science, Race, Ethnicity and Identity

Despite many attempts since 1945 to replace the term and the concept of "race" with “ethnicity," both concepts have continued to play a central role in defining population groupings, though a clear-cut definition does not exist for either of these concepts. Recent developments in genomic and biomedical technology and practice have conjured up old fears of a new, scientific underpinning for racism. They have also ignited new debates on questions related to biology, ethnicity, and identity.

This day-long workshop organized by the Jacques Loeb Centre for the History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences examines the topic of race from many different angles.

Just a few of the lecture topics:

* Psychological underpinnings of race-based categorization
* From culturally appropriate healthcare to structural competency: Reducing racism in healthcare systems
* Hominin diversity in the Middle Pleistocene and the Neanderthal legacy
* The concept of the Jewish race in biological research
* Emerging issues in human diversity: The Italian debate

The full program can be viewed at:

Registration is free but required for planning purposes:

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