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אירוע // כנס: הים התיכון ההבסבורגי, 1500 - 1800 [ירושלים] 10-11.9.18

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The Habsburg Mediterranean, 1500–1800

On 10th and 11th September 2018, the international symposium 'The Habsburg Mediterranean, 1500–1800' will take place at The Austrian Hospice in Jerusalem. In the light of recent debates on Mediterranean contact zones, mobile imperial agents, and Habsburg-Ottoman frontier zones, this symposium explores the early modern 'Habsburg Mediterranean'. During the 16th and 18th century, the Mediterranean was a profoundly significant space for the Habsburg monarchy. Yet up to now, research did not address the cultural, economic, material, military, and political presence of Habsburg subjects in the early modern Mediterranean in a comparative perspective. Which personal and institutional relationships did Habsburg subjects negotiate, cultivate, maintain and subvert between Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, Brussels, Prague, Vienna, Rome, Jerusalem, Istanbul, Cairo, and Tunis? How did the Mediterranean, as an imaginative and actual space, tie the Habsburg Empire with its oversea territories together? Did Habsburg border zones in the Balkans, Adria, and in Iberia shape the history of the Mediterranean Sea and did Mediterranean events, in return, shape imperial realities at land? To which extent shifts this focus our understanding of the Habsburg Empire’s peripheries and centres and invites us to approach the history of the Holy Roman Empire in Mediterranean or global terms? Can we trace aesthetic and material exchanges? In sum, the symposium will reflect on a Habsburg Thalassography that centred on the early modern Mediterranean.

No place would be more suitable than The Austrian Hospice in Jerusalem to organise a symposium that reconsiders Habsburg agents in their Mediterranean contexts. Founded by Emperor Francis Joseph I in 1856, the Austrian Hospice is located in the Old City of Jerusalem and has welcomed explorers and pilgrims, scholars and tourists ever since. The Hospice has thrived under the protection of the Habsburg Emperors until 1918, and since then under the guardianship of the Austrian State and the Roman Catholic Church. Dr Stefan Hanß (University of Cambridge/ University of Manchester) and Dr Dorothea McEwan (The Warburg Institute, University of London) are grateful for the consent of Hon.-Prof. MMag. Markus St. Bugnyár (The Austrian Hospice Jerusalem) to host the event.

PLEASE NOTE: Though participation at the conference is free, registration is required. Please contact rectorate@austrianhospice.com for registration.



9.00–9.10, 'Address of Welcome'
HIRH Archduke Karl von Habsburg-Lothringen

9.10–9.20, 'Address of Welcome'
Markus Bugnyár (Jerusalem)

9.20–9.30, 'The Habsburg Mediterranean? Comments and Concepts'
Stefan Hanß (Cambridge/ Manchester) and Dorothea McEwan (London)

Session: The Mediterranean Stage of the Habsburg-Ottoman Military Rivalry

Géza Pálffy (Budapest), 'The Habsburg Defence in Hungary and the Mediterranean in the Age of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent'

Eric Dursteler (Provo), 'Habsburgs, Ottomans, and Venetians on the Frontiers of Dalmatia: The Capture of Clissa in 1596'

11.00–11.30 Coffee Break

Emrah Safa Gürkan (İstanbul), 'Sabotage, Bribery, and Information Gathering in Sixteenth-Century Istanbul'

Session: The Holy Land and the Habsburg Empire

Sundar Henny (Bern), 'The Engaged Comparatist: Bartholomeo Georgius at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre'

13:00-14:15 Lunch Break

Tobias Graf (Oxford), 'Fleecing the Habsburgs and Their Subjects? Alleged Dignitaries from the Holy Land in Austria and the Holy Roman Empire during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries'

Dorothea McEwan (London), 'The Church Protectorate in the Lands of the Sublime Porte and its Legal Framework'

15.45–16.15 Coffee Break

Session: The Mediterranean, Material Culture and the Symbolic Universe of the Habsburgs

Václav Bůžek (České Budějovice), 'The Elephant at the Court of Maximillian II'

Suzanna Ivanič (Kent), 'The Bohemianization of Mediterranean Material Culture in Rudolf’s Prague c. 1600'

Stefan Hanß (Cambridge/Manchester), 'A Shared Taste? Material Culture and Intellectual Curiosity in the Habsburg-Ottoman Realms'

19.00 Dinner


Session: Habsburg Economic Activities: The Great Sea and the Danube Monarchy

Peter Rauscher (Vienna) and Evelyn Korsch (Erfurt), 'Trading Enemies: Commerce between the Habsburg and Ottoman Empires in the Mediterranean and the Danube Region in the Eighteenth Century'

Session: Habsburg Mediterranean I: Genoa / II: Malta

Michael J. Levin (Akron), 'Of the Empire but not in it: Habsburg Spain and Genoa in the Sixteenth Century'

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break

Phillip Williams (Portsmouth), 'A "Society of Princes" or an "Entire Sewer of Corsairs, from all the Nations and Sects that Rob Indiscriminately"? The Habsburgs of Madrid and Hospitaller Malta, 1530–1680'

Emanuel Buttigieg (Malta), 'Habsburgs and Hospitallers in the Early Modern Mediterranean: Contacts, Relations, Movement'

13.00–14.15 Lunch Break

Habsburg Jerusalem: A Guided Tour

Session: Habsburg Mediterranean III: Adriatic Sea

Alexander Koller (Rome), 'The Uscoks: Habsburg’s Pirates in the Mediterranean'

Session: Imperial Enterprises in the Mediterranean and Beyond: New Approaches in Habsburg Studies

William O'Reilly (Cambridge), 'Globalising Habsburg Interests in the Long Eighteenth Century'

General Discussion with HIRH Archduke Karl von Habsburg-Lothringen

19.00 Dinner

PLEASE NOTE: Though participation at the conference is free, registration is required. Please contact rectorate@austrianhospice.com for registration.

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