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אירוע // כנס: שחקן חדש בשכונה: כיצד יחסיה עם סין משפיעים על מקומה של ישראל במזה״ת? [תל אביב] 14.6.18

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A New Player in Town: How Israel's Role in the Middle East is Affected by Chinese Presence in the Region.

פורום לחשיבה איזורית, התאחדות התעשיינים, לשכת המסחר ישראל סין

Through programs like the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the funding of massive infrastructural and commercial projects, the People’s Republic of China has fostered ties with many important players in the Middle East simultaneously, connecting the region in previously unknown ways.

What will a Chinese Middle East mean for Israel economically and politically?

Will the Chinese utilize their economic influence throughout the region to encourage cooperation? Will economic presence turn into political power that can reshape the region’s conflicts?

Will the Chinese peace initiative presented in 2017 influence developments in the Middle East?



Opening Remarks | Dan Catarivas, (Manufacturers Association)

Intro Keynote: Background on the Sino-Israel relationship | Aron Shai, (TAU)

Panel 1 | What Are China’s Incentives for Increased Involvement in the Middle East?

Moderator: Sam Chester, (Indigo)

Participants: Kobi Levi, (FORTH), Doron Ella, (INSS), Ehud Gonen, (HMS), Yigal Maor, (Shipping and Ports Economies and Operations at UH)

Panel 2 | Economic Ties: The Belt and Road Initiative and Potential Business Bridges between Israel, China, and Nations of the Middle East

Moderator: Dan Catarivas, (Manufacturers Association)

Participants: Roi Feder, (APCO), Peggy Mizrahi, (Indigo), Hagit Ben Yaacov, (MFA), Hillel Schuster, (KPMG) Break

Panel 3 | What is to be Expected of China’s Future Policies Regarding Regional Conflicts?

Moderator: Katie Wachsberger, (FORTH)

Participants: Nimrod Goren, (Mitviim), Alex Pevzner, (CMC), Oliver Hakawaya, (Exeter),Roie Yellinek, (BESA)

13:45-14:30 Lunch

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