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אירוע // בוקר עיון: מסעיו של הוגה דעות יהודי: יוסף בין מתתיהו והעברת הרעיונות באגן הים התיכון [חיפה] 10.6.18

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The Journeys of a Jewish Scholar: Flavius Josephus and the Circulation of the Ideas in the Early Roman Mediterranean

11:20-11:50 Prof. Olivier Munnich (CNRS, Paris-Sorbonne University)
The Greek aspect: Flavius Josephus as a connoisseur of Greek literature

11:50-12:20 Dr. Sébastien Morlet (Paris-Sorbonne University)
The Roman aspect: Josephus and imperial commentarii: a hypothesis

12:20-12:50 coffee break

12:50-13:20 Dr. Stéphanie Binder (Bar-Ilan University)
The Greco-Judean aspect: Nicolaus of Damascus’ text as it has been
preserved by Flavius Josephus

13:20-13:50 Dr. Emmanuel Nantet (University of Haifa)
The tangible aspect: The size of the ship which carried
Josephus to Rome in 64 CE

13:50-14:30 Dr. Gerald Finkielsztejn (Israel Antiquities Authority)
Trading and political aspects : The imports of Hellenistic amphoras to
Levantine harbours (Ascalon, Jaffa and Akko-Ptolemais).

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