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אירוע // השקת ספר: זכויות יוצרים לא שגרתיות (אנריקו בונדיו, ניקולא לוקי) [תל אביב] 17.5.18

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Non-Conventional Copyright

ע ק ב ו ת ה ל א נ ו ד ע
Book Launch Event

Non-Conventional Copyright
Enrico Bonadio (City Law School London, UK) &
Nicola Lucchi (Jönköping University International Business School, Sweden)

Thursday, May 17, 2018
Faculty of Law, Trubovicz Building, Sonia Kossoy Conference Room (#307)

17:00 Gathering
17:15 Chair: Prof. Michael Birnhack, Associate Dean (Research),
Director, S. Horowitz Institute for IP, Tel Aviv University
Dr. Eldar Haber, University of Haifa
Prof. Efrat Shoham, Ashkelon Academic College
Prof. Dotan Oliar, University of Virginia
Dr. Michal Shur-Ofry, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Response: Prof. Enrico Bonadio & Prof. Nicola Lucchi
Audience Q&A
19:00 Concluding comments

This Book draws a picture of possible new spaces for copyright. It
expands on whether modern copyright law should be more flexible
as to whether new or unconventional forms of expression – including
graffiti, tattoos, land art, conceptual art and bio art, engineered
DNA, sport movements, jokes, magic tricks, dj-sets, perfume making,
typeface, illegal and immoral works – deserve protection.

מפרסם ההודעה
שרון ורד שקד safracen@post.tau.ac.il 03-6407915
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אוניברסיטת תל אביב, הפקולטה למשפטים, בניין טרובוביץ, קומה 3 חדר 307
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