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מחקר ולימודים // מכון מחקר בקיץ: צעיר, זקן וכל מה שבאמצע - גיל כקתגוריה לניתוח במדעי היהדות [אוקספורד 06-07/24] דדליין=1.2.24

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Call for Applications: 2024 Oxford Summer Institute on Modern & Contemporary Judaism

We are pleased to announce our call for applications for the 2024 Oxford Summer Institute on Modern & Contemporary Judaism (OSI). This year’s theme will be ‘Young, Old, and Everything in Between: Age as a Category of Analysis in Modern Jewish Studies’. It will take place from June 30 to July 5, 2024.

Please note that we prioritise applications from the European continent. Applicants who are accepted will be offered funding to cover reasonable travel costs and will be provided with food and accommodation. They will be asked to prepare an original paper (15-20 pages) that will be distributed to the participants one month prior to the event. This maximises constructive exchange and feedback during the workshop itself.
The deadline to apply is 1 February 2024. For more information and to apply, please consult both of the following documents:


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