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אירוע // שיחה: ישראל, הרשות הפלשתינאית וחמאס (ערן צדקיהו, מתי שטיינברג) [מקוון] 13.11.23

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Dear colleagues, clients and friends,

We hope my message finds you safe and sound in this difficult time.  We would like to invite you to an open zoom encounter and discussion on Monday November 13 at 20:30 Israel time. In this virtual meeting Dr. Eran Tzidkiyahu will talk with Dr. Matti Steninberg, an expert on Palestinian nationalism and Islamic thought and a former senior adviser on Palestinian affairs to the heads of several Israeli intelligence agencies.  This discussion will be held online, free of charge and open to the public. Please participate and invite your friends and colleagues.
Dr. Steinberg is a knowledgeable speaker that is not afraid to talk about values, morals and viable political agreements for the day after the war. Matti and myself will talk about Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, contextualizing current events and thinking forward together.    Faced with recent violence and the horrific atrocities of October 7th’s Black Saturday and the brutal war in Gaza, it seems as if the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is undergoing tectonic changes, entering a new phase altogether.
Dr. Tzidkiyahu is an Israeli geopolitical scholar who has been studying the issue closely, and as a long standing advocats for a peaceful resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, we would like to create a space for a complex and critical Israeli voice, based on facts, scientific scrutiny and moral values.
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Dr Eran Tzidkiyahu    &    David Levi-Faur (Maavrim & Academia-IL)
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