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מחקר ולימודים // סמינר מחקרי: הסמינר השנתי הבינלאומי ה-4 בהיסטוריה של ההגירה. נושא: היסטוריה של חוויית ההגירה, המאות ה-21-17 [טבינגן 07/24] דדליין=31.10.23

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Fourth Annual International Seminar in Historical Refugee Studies

Tübingen, July 3–6, 2024

Call for Papers

The University of Tübingen (UT), the German Historical Institute in Washington (GHI) and the American Historical Association (AHA), in cooperation with the Centre for Global Cooperation Research (KHK/GCR21), are pleased to announce the fourth International Seminar in Historical Refugee Studies, which will be held at the University of Tübingen, July 3–6, 2024.

The purpose of this seminar is to promote the historical study of refugees, who are too often regarded as a phenomenon of recent times. By viewing the problem of refugees from a historical perspective, the seminar seeks to complicate and contextualize our understanding of peoples who have fled political or religious conflicts, persecution, and violence. By bringing together 14 advanced PhD students and early postdocs from different parts of the world whose individual research projects examine refugees in different times and places, we intend to give a sense of purpose to this emerging field of study and demonstrate the value of viewing the plight of refugees from a historical perspective.

We invite contributions from recent PhDs, as well as young scholars in the final stages of their dissertations. In addition to historians, we also encourage applications from researchers working in the fields of sociology, political science, anthropology, ethnic and area studies [provided they incorporate some historical perspective]. Possible contributions include:

  • Studies of refugee movements and exile diasporas in various periods and places;
  • Studies of the ethnic, gendered, racial, religious, and other characteristics of refugee groups and how they impact on reception policies and processes;
  • Studies of reception and aid policies, and on the repercussions of refugees on host states and societies;
  • Studies of the changing inter-state framework of refugee movements, such as international or inter-imperial cooperation, the role of international governmental or non-governmental actors, humanitarian organizations, etc.;
  • Studies of the infrastructures of exile (camps, networks, economies, regulations)

Studies of the conceptual history of refugees and exile (legal history, administrative practice, cultural history, etc.)


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