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אירוע // כנס: פרטיות בעבודה בעידן הטכנולוגיות החדשות [העברית / ירושלים] 30-31.5.23

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The Minerva Center for Human Rights, the Federmann Cyber Security Center, and the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, invite you to an international academic conference on Privacy@Work in an Era of New Technologies. The entry of new and sophisticated technologies into the world of work, raise significant challenges to protect privacy and personal data at work, and the conference aims to address these by looking at the subject matter from various different angles, from within the workplace and outside it.

The conference will be held on May 30 & 31, 2023, at the Hebrew University’s Mount Scopus campus in Jerusalem
The full conference program is attached.
Space is limited – registration is required

קישור להרשמה:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScXMKJ1RqBIV1rIHvMNvVjJ1BpbsGZhp06yaki4S3ywufyDbw/viewform
קישור לתוכנית המלאה:https://en.minervacenter.huji.ac.il/sites/default/files/minervacenteren/files/privacywork.pdf
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