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Responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare

We are pleased to invite you to our upcoming Bioethics and Law Seminar, which will focus on “Responsible AI and Healthcare”. This online seminar will delve into the ethical and legal aspects of responsible AI in healthcare, including data privacy, algorithmic bias, transparency, and accountability.

Our seminar features an outstanding lineup of international experts who will share their insights and research with us. This seminar will be an excellent opportunity for researchers, practitioners, policymakers, mental health consumers, and students to engage in thought-provoking discussions on this critical topic.


Conversational Artificial Intelligence for Psychotherapy

Monday, 3 April, 4.15-5.45 pm IDT

Presenter: Jana Sedlakova, PhD Student, Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME)


Constructing an Ethics Framework for Al in biomedical research

Tuesday, May 2, 4.15 IDT

Presenter: Prof. Vardit Ravitsky, University of Montreal


Ethics & Governance of AI for Health: WHO Guidance

Tuesday, May 16, 4.15 pm IDT

Presenter: Dr. Andreas Reis, MD, MSc, Division of the Chief Scientist, World Health Organization


AI and Digital Tools used in Health Research: Ethical, Legal and Social Implications

Tuesday, June 20, 7 pm  IDT

Presenter: Dr. Camille Nebeker, EdD, MS, Director, UC San Diego Research Ethics Program


Towards a Path for Quality E-Mental Health Services

Tuesday, June 27, 4.15pm IDT

Presenter: Maureen Abbott, Mental Health Commission of Canada.



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