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אירוע // מפגש: עצמאות רשויות איכות בהשכלה הגבוהה: השוואה של אירופה ואמריקה הלטינית (יאסינט ג'ורדנה) (סדרת מעברים) [מקוון] 9.1.23

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Jacint Jordana, Measuring independence and accountability of Higher Education Quality Assurance Agencies: Europe and Latin America Compared


You are kindly invited to our talk with Jacint JordanaMeasuring independence and accountability of Higher Education Quality Assurance Agencies: Europe and Latin America ComparedMonday, January 9th, 2023, 19.00 Jerusalem Time;  The zoom link is available here.

Quality assurance in higher education policy is a key concern in current times. Introduced as new instrument to steer this sector a few decades ago, the management of higher education evaluation and accreditation has progressively separated from the executive, enabling the rise of quality assurance agencies (QAAs) to take charge of these supervisory activities.  QAAs rapidly emerged as autonomous public bodies, based on the rationale that providers of higher education and quality supervisors have to remain separate to make supervision credible, to avoid conflicts of interest. We will examine variations in the institutional design of QAAs, which are quite visible across countries and regions. In particular, we focus on the political independence and the social accountability dimensions of these agencies through the analysis of the legal rules under which they operate. An index synthetizing each dimension allows to compare the results obtained across Europe and Latin America. Further, a discussion on the role of expertise and representativeness in agencies’ governing bodies is introduced, examining their implications for agencies’ political independence and accountability. Moreover, we inquire if there are countries exhibiting specific ‘regulatory styles’ in the field of higher education, developing different institutional agency designs.

Jacint Jordana is Professor of Political Science and Administration at Pompeu Fabra University and ICREA Academia researcher. He currently runs the Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI). He is also a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Barcelona City Council, as well as of the Board of Trustees of the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB). His main area of research focuses on the analysis of comparative public policies from a multilevel perspective, with special attention to regulatory policies and their specialized institutions. His recent publications include the books Policy Analysis in Spain (Policy Press, 2022), jointly edited with Laura Chaqués-Bonafont, Linguistic Claims and Political  Conflicts (Routledge, 2021), together with Andrea Bianculli and Mónica Ferrín, and Barcelona, Madrid y el Estado (Catarata, 2019). He is also the academic coordinator of the European project GLOBE (Horizon 2020), oriented to the study of emerging trends and scenarios in global governance and the role of the European Union.

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