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You are kindly invited to our talk with Michael DobbinsHigher Education Governance in Europe: The Impact of Transnational Soft GovernanceMonday, January 2nd, 2023, 19.00 Jerusalem Time; 18.00 CEST. The zoom link is available here. Below pls find our previous talks.

The presentation addresses three crucial questions: How does the state react to transnational pressures for change? How is transnationally inspired policy change ‘digested’ by the preexisting country-specific governance structures? And to what extent have national HE systems converged on a common governance model?  The speaker will present a multi-level comparative analysis of developments in Germany, France, Italy, and Poland in particular. He first breaks down higher education governance into sub-dimensions and derive concrete policy indicators for three historically embedded governance ideal types. Drawing on historical institutionalism and institutional isomorphism, he shows historical legacies and transnational communication have impacted policy pathways over the past 30 years. The presentation is supported by graphic illustrations of the policy trajectories with ‘governance triangles’, which encompass the balance of power between multiple actors, including the state and universities, university management and the academic profession, and external stakeholders.

Michael Dobbins is adjunct professor of policy analysis at the University of Konstanz. His doctoral dissertation dealt with higher education in Central and Eastern Europe. His main areas of research are higher and secondary education policy and post-communist transformation processes, with a particular focus on interest groups. He is the co-director of the research project “The Missing Link: Examining Organized Interests in Post-Communist Policy-Making,” funded by the German Research Foundation and Polish National Science Center.

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