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אירוע // סדרה: הרצאות מוסה 2022 - מוזיקה ועבודה (סיליה אפלגייט) [העברית / ירושלים]. 5-7.12.22

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Jerusalem Mosse Lectures 2022

Prof. Celia Applegate (Vanderbilt), Mosse Lectures Jerusalem in December:

Music and Work

Monday, 5 December: Music and Work

Chair: Aya Elyada

Johan Huizinga wrote in Homo Ludens (1938) that “culture arises in the form of play,” but what was the work that went into the play of culture, especially musical culture? The first lecture will consider the efforts of 19th and 20th-century cultural historians and musicologists, mostly German, to explain the work-play dilemma in the development of music-making. What functions did they think music fulfilled? What work did it do in society? How did it fit into Germans' self-image as hard workers?

Tuesday, 6 December: Music as Work

Chair: Steven E. Aschheim

This lecture will survey the development of the musical profession over the course of the long nineteenth century. Cyril Ehrlich began his examination of the music profession in Britain by asking, “how should we attempt to count and describe a profession which embraced extremes of fame and obscurity, genius and mediocrity, mobility and quiescence?” In German Europe, one must add the sheer difficulty of finding all the people who made their living by music, some in full view on lists of ensembles, some tucked away in obscure corners of a highly-differentiated political landscape. Beyond composers, instrumental players, and singers, this lecture will consider less well-known professional musicians as piano teachers, music journalists, and impresarios.

Wednesday, 7 December: Music at Work

Chair: Ofer Ashkenazi

Long before there was Musak and AirPods, workers would often sing as they worked. This lecture will spread out from fields and factories and army barracks to the organized activities of workers in factory bands and workers' festivals, and of soldiers at war. This was music not for listening but for playing and singing, accompanying work, and after work. Rather than professional musicians, this lecture will focus on amateurs and their self-organization.

יום שני, 5.12.2022 קבלת פנים ב-18:00, הרצאה ב-18:30

יום שלישי 6.12.2022 קבלת פנים ב-16:00, הרצאה ב-16:30

יום רביעי 7.12.2022 קבלת פנים ב-16:00, הרצאה ב-16:30

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