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אירוע // הרצאה: פרויקט "ירושלים פתוחה": איך לשלב מחקר היסטורי בארכיפלג לשוני (וינסנט למיר) [פוליס / ירושלים] 21.10.22

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Open Jerusalem: How to interconnect historical research in a linguistic archipelago. Lecturer: Vincent Lemire

In Jerusalem, all nationalities and faiths intersect. Many historians limit their studies to only one community, contributing to a segmented historical narrative. Since its launch in 2014, the European Project www.openjerusalem.org , which is supported by the European Research Council (ERC), has been working to produce a scientific, connected, and unbiased history of citadinité in Jerusalem from 1840 to 1940. This lecture, given by Vincent Lemire, will discuss the various challenges of the Project along with its new historiographical method as it pertains to the Maghrebi Quarter of Jerusalem. To register, please send an email to lecture@polisjerusalem.org and specify either online or in-class participation.


21.10.22, 11:00 * (ירושליםפתוחה)

מפרסם ההודעה
מרווין מנשה עשר פוליס - המכון ללשונות ולמדעי הרוח בירושלים (ע"ר) marvin.esser@polisjerusalem.org https://www.polisjerusalem.org/
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Polis - The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities, הע"ח, ירושלים, ישראל
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