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אירוע // סדרת הרצאות: הפורום הישראלי לימי הביניים המוקדמים סמסטר א' תשפ"ג [העברית / מקוון] מפגש ראשון=19.10.22

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The Israeli Forum of Early Medieval Studies Lecture Series Fall 2022\23

The Israeli Forum of Early Medieval Studies at
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem invites you to:

The Fall Semester 2022 Lecture Series:

• Andrew Cain (University of Colorado at Boulder) |
October 19th, 19:00 Jerusalem (17:00 London)
Rufinus of Aquileia’s Ecclesiastical History and Historia Monachorum in Aegypto: A Combined Program of Monastic Historiography and Hagiography

• Walter Pohl (University of Vienna) |
November 23rd, 19:00 Jerusalem (17:00 London),
Huns and Avars in a Eurasian Context

• Barbara Rosenwein (Loyola University, Chicago) |
December 14th, 19:00 Jerusalem (17:00 London),
Transforming the 'Fury of Kings'

• Régine Le Jan (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne) |
February 1st, 19:00 Jerusalem (17:00 London)
Friendship and Hate in the Early Middle Ages: Relationality and Identities

Please register here: https://forms.gle/fpUGiNqHnmQrZP9HA
*Zoom links will be sent a week prior to each lecture*


תזכורות יישלחו 10 ,5 ,2 ימים לפני האירוע וביום האירוע
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