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אירוע // כנס: למה אנו מתכוונים כאשר אנו מדברים על דיאלוג נוצרי-יהודי? [אונ חיפה / חיפה] 20-22.9.22

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What Do We Mean When We Talk About Jewish-Christian Dialogue?

Day 1 | 20.09.22 | Senate Hall, 29th floor of Eshkol Tower

10:00-10:15   Greetings and introduction – Karma Ben Johanan and Silvana Kandel Lamdan

Dialogue in Context: Debating In and On the Holy Land

10:15-11:15    Chair: David Barak Gorodevsky (University of Haifa)

Cedric Cohen Skalli, (University of Haifa) –
A Christian, Arab, and Jewish Dialogue in Europe and the Levant During the Crisis of the 1930s

Thérèse Andrevon Gottstein (Institut Catholique de Paris) –
Jewish-Christian Dialogue and the Creation of State of Israel

11:30-13:00    Chair: Karma Ben Johanan (Humboldt University/Hebrew University)

Maayan Raveh (Hebrew University) –
“It is time that we put the organs aside and take out our drums”: Jewish Christian Relations in Palestinian Liberation Theology

Abeer Khshiboon (Humboldt University) –
The Return of Christian Internally Displaced Palestinians to Abandoned Churches in their Demolished Villages in Galilee

David M. Neuhaus (Pontifical Biblical Institute, Jerusalem) –
The Role of the Muslim in Contemporary Jewish-Christian Dialogue

13:00-14:00    Lunch at the university

Integrating the Others of Jewish-Christian Dialogue into the Conversation

14:00-15:00    Chair: Viola Rautenberg (University of Haifa)

Christian Rutishhauser (Philosophische Hochschule München) –
Jews and Jewish Communities Believing in Jesus: Challenge for the Jewish-Christian Dialogue

Ytzhak Mor (Hebrew University) –
Judeo-Christian Cooperation and the Catholic Neo-Conservative Struggle over the American Public Square

15:30-16:30    Chair: Ruth Kara-Ivanov Kaniel (University of Haifa)

Henrik Simojoki (Humboldt University) –
How are children addressed and represented in German teaching material on Jewish-Christian Dialogue?

Michael Azar (Scranton University)  –
Reframing Christian-Jewish Relations in Light of Rum Orthodox Christianity in Palestine

Keynote Speaker

17:30-18:30    Katharina Von Kellenbach (Evangelische Akademie  zur  Berlin)  –
Intersectional Feminism  and  Jewish-Christian  Dialogue: Promises and Problems

19:00              Dinner in the city

Day 2 | 21.09.22 | Ofer Observatory, 30th floor of Eshkol Tower

(Re)Theorizing Jewish-Christin Dialogue

09:30-11:00      Chair: Hillel Newman (University of Haifa)

Luca Di Blasi (University of Bern) –
Über the Jewish-Christian Dialogue

Karma Ben Johanan (Humboldt University/Hebrew University) –
Islands of Silence on the Dialogical Map

Silvia Richter (Goethe University Frankfurt) –
Dialogical Philosophy Revisited – New Approaches for the 21st Century

11:30-12:30      Chair: Orr Scharf (University of Haifa)

Elad Lapidot (University of Lille) –
The Jewish-Christian Dialogue from a Postcolonial Gaze

Torsten Meireis (Humboldt University) –
The Disputed Concept of the Public in Postcolonial Debates

12:30-14:00      Lunch at the university

Day Trip to Nazareth

14:00-15:00     Travel to Nazareth

15:00-17:00     Hidden corners of spirituality – Guided tour in Old Nazareth

17:30-18:30     Silvana Kandel Lamdan (University of Haifa) –
Tracing the Steps of Father Paul Gauthier: From Nazareth to the Kibbutz, and From Vatican II to Latin America (a walking lecture in the Schneller Quarter, Nazareth)

19:00               Dinner in Nazareth

Day 3 | 22.09.22 | Ofer Observatory, 30th floor of Eshkol Tower

Latin American Perspectives

09:00-10:00 Chair: Niv Perelsztejn (University of Haifa)

Claude B. Stuczynski (Bar-Ilan University) –
Was Father Manuel De Lacunza a Forerunner? Judeo-Christian Millenarianism and the Latin-American Revolution

Luciano Maddonni (University of Buenos Aires) –
The “face of the people”: the Difficult Reception  of  Emmanuel  Levinas  in  the Liberationist  Explosion  of  Latin  American Philosophy


Chair: Silvana Kandel Lamdan (University of Haifa)

Silvina Schammah Gesser (Bar-Ilan University) –
Interreligious Dialogue or Rupture? Ricardo Halac’s Judeo-Spanish Plays (1970-2019) Speak from the Southern Corner

Eitan Ginzberg (Achva Academic College) –
The  “Moses  Method”  and  Israel  in  Latin American Theo-Politics: From Camilo Torres and Gustavo Gutierrez to Joseph Ratzinger’


Concluding Panel and Farewell


Lunch at the university


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