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אירוע // שיחה: כל הדרכים לייעל ולקצר את הדרך לפרסום אקדמי! [העברית / ירושלים & מקוון] 10.8.22

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How to Cut the Time to Publish Your Book in Half!

Academic Language Experts and Brill will be hosting a free live event (which will also be live streamed and recorded) happening during the upcoming World Congress of Jewish Studies at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, entitled ‘How to Cut the Time to Publish Your Book in Half’.

Avi Staiman, CEO of Academic Language Experts, Katie Chin, Acquisitions Editor of Jewish Studies at Brill, and Dr. Martina Kayser, Team Leader Academic Publishing at Brill Germany, will provide advice on how to avoid common publication bottlenecks and what authors can do in advance to ensure a streamlined publication process.

August 10 at 1:45 PM Israel Time (12:45 PM CET / 10:45 AM GMT)

Click here to register for the free event (for both in-person and virtual attendance)!


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