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אירוע // ערב עיון: האתגר לאיחוד האירופי של המדיניות לא-ליברליות של הונגריה ופולין [בר אילן / רמת גן & מקוון] 8.6.22

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Hungary and Poland's Illiberal Policies and their Challenge to the European Union

The European Union is facing unprecedented internal challenges from newer Member States who are accused of backtracking on their commitment to liberal and democratic values and who openly challenge EU norms. The Polish Constitutional Court ruled in October that Polish law has primacy over such norms and in December Viktor Orbán declared that Hungary refuses to change its immigration laws, in defiance of a ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECI). The EU Commission has moved to impose financial sanctions against both Poland and Hungary for undermining the Rule of Law and the independence of the judiciary, and for inaction towards high level corruption, restrictions on freedom of expression and attacks on human rights. The Polish and Hungarian attempt to challenge these sanctions was dismissed by the ECJ. This seminar will discuss these challenges and their implications, in particular against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, which has changed the significance of Poland and Hungary as border states, and reordered EU priorities.
17:00 – Gathering
17:15 – Greetings: Dr. Rachel Frid de Vries, Co-President, IASEI
17:20 – 1st Session:
Speaker: Dr. Peter Klotz, Faculty of Public Governance and Int’l Studies, University of Public Service, Hungary, “The Hungarian Elections and the Challenges that Hungary’s Illiberal Policies pose to the EU”
Comments: H.E. Benkö Levente, Ambassador of Hungary to Israel
Dr. Toby Greene, Department of Political Studies, Bar Ilan University
18:20: 2nd Session
Speaker: Prof. Arie Reich, Faculty of Law, Bar-Ilan University “Poland & Hungary vs. the EU Commission: The Recent Judgment of the EU Court of Justice and its Implications for Compliance with EU Law”
Comments: Dr. Rachel Frid de Vries, Faculty of Law, Ono Academic College
Register using the ticket link to attend.
Zoom link available.
This event is subject to the Chatham House Rule.


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