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אירוע // הרצאה: מיסגור של קיצוניות פוליטית (נעמי קלייר לזר) [אונ ת"א, מקוון] 2.5.22

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Framing Political Extremism

Hi all,

Next week's seminar talk (2/5, 16:15) will be online only, and we'll be hosting Nomi Claire Lazar of Ottawa University.

To join on zoom, please use the following link on Monday: https://tau-ac-il.zoom.us/j/8898406343

The title of the talk is “Framing Political Extremism”. The abstract follows. Please also see attached the poster ad for the talk. I'll circulate a paper if/when she shares one.

There have been some changes to the remaining seminar dates – the updated schedule is also attached here.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Lior Sheffer
School of Political Science
Tel Aviv University


"Framing Political Extremism"

Nomi Claire Lazar

Extremist threats to democracy are increasing. To challenge them requires that we understand how these movements work. While scholars have looked to the social and psychological factors that make people susceptible to extremist movements, they have rarely addressed how persuasion moves adherents from susceptibility to the substantive beliefs that support specific actions. This paper aims to address this gap by explaining a peculiar and peculiarly consistent feature of extremist rhetoric: the stasis frame. This frame ties belief and action to the sense of an ending, a permanent conclusion to politics and conflict. I argue that attention to this rhetorical feature illuminates at least three puzzles of political extremist belief and action – its psychological appeal, the ease with which adherents move among extreme ideologies and opposing movements, and the sometimes irrational and anti-strategic character of extremist violence.

2.5.22 בשעה: 16:15


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