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אירוע // יום עיון: תרגום והמרת דת [פרנקפורט, מקוון] 21.2.22

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Conversion and Translation: Historical and Theoretical Intersections (Online Workshop)

Session I (16:00-17:45)
Naomi Seidman (University of Toronto)
“When Jesus Learned Yiddish: New Approaches to Conversion and Translation in
Twentieth-Century Missionary New Testaments”

Aya Elyada (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
“‘The Voice is Jacob's Voice, But the Hands are Those of Esau’: Translation and
Conversion in the Early Modern Judenmission”

Jonathan Boyarin (Cornell University)
“Planetary Conversions”

Session II (18:00-19:20)
Ronit Ricci (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
“Islamization and Translation in the Indonesian-Malay World”

Catherina Wenzel (Goethe University Frankfurt)
“Relations of Translation and Conversion in Pietro Della Valle's Persian ‘Risāla’ (Isfahan, 1621)”

Session III (19:30-20:40)
Jonathan Brack (Ben Gurion University of the Negev)
“Translation, but not Transparency: Ruler Conversion to Islam in Mongol-Ruled Iran”

Dennis Halft (Theologische Fakultaet Trier)
“Leaving Islam, Becoming Protestants: Autobiographical Narratives by Converts in
Modern Iran and India”


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