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מחקר ולימודים // קבוצת מחקר: בנושא חוק ודאגה [מקוון] דדליין=30.8.21

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Organized with the support of the “Trajectories of Change” program of the Zeit-Stiftung and in collaboration with the “Forum Transregionale Studien,” the working group’s discussions will focus on narratives, processes, structures, and institutions through which law is produced, appropriated, and contested throughout its different life stages of drafting,  interpretation, and implementation. Within this framework, we seek to draw attention to the entanglement of violence and care in modern law and explore the extent to which the global judicialization of politics – whereby the resort to law is seen as the ideal substitute for political solutions in the pursuit of justice (Comaroff & Comaroff 2006; Ticktin 2011) – reproduces the very inequalities and injustices the law is imagined and promises to address. 

Following nine online meetings, held between October 2021-June 2022, we will organize a workshop to meet in-person and discuss members’ work in progress that originated from discussions held throughout the year. Short versions of these works will be then published as a series on the TRAFO-blog of the “Forum Transregionale Studien.”

Meetings will be held online once a month at 19:00 CET. 

The deadline for applications is August 30th, 2021. 

For more details see the CFP >>> https://bit.ly/3jBNZzR

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