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אירוע // כנס: אודסה, קוסמופוליטניזם, מודרניזם [העברית, מקוון] 21-24.6.21

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This international workshop is the first to bring together anthropologists, historians, cultural studies scholars, literary specialists and musicologists to discuss the theoretical and practical aspects of Odessa’s unique cosmopolitan network before the Russian Revolution and in its immediate aftermath. The workshop aims to set up a new paradigm for understanding cosmopolitanism in the urban centers of the Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires, as well as in east European Jewish history, and other multiethnic societies. It will cover a range of interdisciplinary approaches to inter-ethnic and trans-cultural relations with a particular focus on the unique cosmopolitan networks in Odessa in the period 1895-1925. Among the topics to be discussed will be

Black Sea as cultural and commercial exchange

inter-ethnic co-existence and violence

cosmopolitanism in theory and practice

immigration and cultural identity

Jewish urban politics

Ethnic composition in crime and political movements

modernist art and literature

Odessa music and song

periphery and center

Odessa/Odesa and the Ukraine

Russian culture and ethnic identities

languages in contact and fusion: the case of Odessa Russian

Odessa as a Hebrew cultural center

political and cultural uses of the “Odessa myth”



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