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אירוע // כנס: הכנס ה-49 של האגודה לקידום הלימודים הקלאסיים בישראל [אונ ת"א & מקוון] 1+3.6.21

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DAY ONE: WEDNESDAY 2nd June 2021
Registration: 8:30—9:15
Greetings: 9:15—9:30
Professor Rachel Gali Cinamon, Dean of Humanities, Tel Aviv University
Professor Galili Shahar, Head of the School of Cultural Studies, Tel Aviv University
Professor Jonathan Price, President, Israel Society for the Promotion of Classical Studies
SESSION ONE: Classics in the Modern World 9:30—10:30
Chair: Ayelet Peer, Bar-Ilan University
Chris Bishop (Australian National University), Accounting for the Dominance of Deductive Methods in the Teaching of Latin
Bar Leshem (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev),
From God to Superhero:The Reception of Mercury in Comics

SESSION TWO: The Mythology of Hope: Mythology and Autism 10:45—12:15
Chair: Maayan Mazor, Kibbutzim College of Education and Tel-Aviv University
Ayelet Peer and Shachar Bar Yehuda (Bar-Ilan University), Myth andAutism — the Power of Emotions
Lisa Maurice (Bar-Ilan University), Mythology in the Israeli Autistic Classroom
Susan Deacy (University of Roehampton), Hercules in the Autistic Classroom: A Case Study from the United Kingdom

SESSION THREE: Text and Material Culture 13:30-15:00
Chair: Andrea Rotstein, Hebrew University
Dylan James (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Cultural Guidance:Nearchus, Guides and Place Names on Alexander’s Expedition
Daniela Cagnazzo (University of Bari), Towards a New Edition of
Fragmenta Papyracea Dubia of Aeschylus
Annamaria Peri (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München), Poetry andMaterial Culture in Oppian’s Halieutica , Book 5

SESSION FOUR: Local and Imperial Laws 15:15—16:45
Chair: Yifat Monnickendam, Tel-Aviv University
Ory Amitay (University of Haifa), Agatharchides of Knidos on late 4th -century Judean Diplomacy
Ben S. Cassell (King's College London), Access, Limitations and Proscribed Urban Movement in Hellenistic Kyrene: Regulations of Purity in DisplayedSacred Law (SEG 9.72)
Craige B. Champion (Syracuse University), Conceptualizing RomanCitizenship: Sicilian Cities in the Third Century BCE

SESSION FIVE: Economy and Law in the Roman Empire 17:00-18:00
Chair: Uri Yiftach, Tel Aviv University
Ivo D. Cholakov and Milena Raycheva (National Archaeological Institutewith Museum – Sofia), Local Economy in Difficult Times: The Villas of DaciaMediterranea in the End of the 4th – early 5th Century
Valerio Massimo Minale (Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II), The Frankincense Trade during Late Roman Empire: Elements of a Legal Regulation

18:00: ISPCS Jubilee Commemoration Address:
Professor Margalit Finkelberg

DAY TWO: THURSDAY, 3rd June 2021
SESSION SIX (Hebrew): New Developments in Hebrew Scholarship9:30—11:30
Chair: Fayah Haussker, Tel-Aviv University and the Open University
Hava B. Korzakova(Bar-Ilan University), Digging Homer. ArchaeologicalResearch in Ancient Greece
Haggai Olshanetsky (Bar-Ilan University), The True Reason for Translating the Old Testament into Greek: The Septuagint as a Military Document Due toa Revised Review of the Letter of Aristeas
Ronit Palistrant Shaick (Tel-Aviv University),
Marsyas of the Forum:Depictions on City Coins in the Region Between Antioch and Alexandria
Gabriel Danzig (Bar-Ilan University), Tchernichovsky's Translation of theFinal Scene of Molière's Le Malade Imaginaire

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: 14:15—15:15
Prof. Sheila Murnaghan
(Alfred Reginald Allen Memorial Professor ofGreek, University of Pennsylvania):
Return to Windy Troy: Site and Text in theHomeric Tradition

SESSION SEVEN: Local Identities in Global Settings 15:15—16:45
Chair: Eleonora Bedin, Haifa University
Luca Mazzini (University of Exeter), Being a Macedonian in Roman Phrygia and Lydia: Creation of Civic Identities in Face of the Imperial Power
Sofia Andreeva (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev), Apollo Ietros in Olbia
Marco Tibaldini (University of Bolzano), Playing in the Jordan Valley: A Close Look at the Latruncoli Board Game

16:45—17:00 Closing Remarks


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