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מחקר ולימודים // בית ספר קיץ: מכון הקיץ האירופי למדעי היהדות ולחקר השואה [לונדון, מקוון 07/21] דדליין=5.4.21

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European Summer Institute on the Holocaust and Jewish Civilisation (London)

Update 2021- Virtual 'Taster' European Summer Institute 2021

The Holocaust Research Institute at Royal Holloway, University of London, with the support of the Holocaust Educational Foundation of Northwestern University, USA, and Pears Foundation, is pleased to invite applications for participation in a unique virtual ‘taster’ edition of the biennial European Summer Institute on the Holocaust and Jewish Civilisation. This version marks an interlude from the full residential Summer Institute, which will take place in summer 2022 (conditions permitting).
This event will take place on MS Teams from Tuesday 15 – Thursday 17 June 2021. A series of 90-minute sessions will be spread across the three days, with no more than three sessions per day. These will be taught by staff from the Holocaust Research Institute, beginning at 12:00 and finishing by 17:00 BST. The programme will consist of seminars and discussions focusing on new trends in historiography and scholarship in several fields, such as representations of the Holocaust in literature, film and digital humanities.

Places are available for a maximum of 20 applicants. This event is open to PhD students who are currently enrolled in full- or part-time programmes, and full- or part-time early-career academic staff. We invite applications from a wide variety of disciplines and all intellectual fields related to Holocaust Studies. Please note that the entire programme will be conducted in English.

Applications should include your full name, address, institutional affiliation, webpage link (if applicable) and a detailed statement of 500 words explaining your interest and experience in Holocaust Studies, and intentions for teaching and/or researching the Holocaust after the conclusion of the Institute; a curriculum vitae (maximum three pages); plus, a letter of recommendation from your head of department or manager. In the case of graduate students, a letter of recommendation from the primary doctoral supervisor should be provided.


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