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אירוע // הרצאה: עמנואל רינגלבלום וארכיון עונג שבת (מריה פרנץ) [מקוון] 22.2.21

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Invitation for the fourth of the "Polish Talk – Mondays with JHI"

series of webinars

Moreshet- Mordechai Anielewicz Memorial Education & Research center, The Polish Institute in Tel Aviv and The Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute are pleased to invite you to:

Lecture by the sociologist and cultural historian, Dr. Maria Ferenc.

Emanuel Ringelblum and the famous Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto

22 February 2021
Israel: 19:00 / Poland: 18:00

The event will be moderated by Mr. Noam Leibman (Moreshet).

Dr. Maria Ferenc is a sociologist and cultural historian of Polish Jews during the Holocaust. Wrote her Ph.D. dissertation, entitled “Sources and meanings of information in the Warsaw ghetto”, at the University of Warsaw. She is a researcher at the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, where she coordinates research project Encyclopedia of the Warsaw Ghetto.

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