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אירוע // כנס: טבע ויהודים: התקרבות להיסטוריה סביבתית יהודית גרמנית [ליאו בק, מקוון] 26-28.1.21

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Nature and Jews – Approaching German-Jewish Environmental History

Annual International Conference of the Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem | 26-28 January 2021

In the conference, we will discuss the following topics: Enlightenment, Nature and Jews; Perceptions of Nature in Palestine; Between Heimat and Exile.

ATTENTION- The conference will take place on Zoom. For registration, click on the link of the specific date you are interested in.

in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Israel, the Moses Mendelssohn Center for European-Jewish

Studies, the Open University of Israel, the Institute of Jewish Studies at the University of Antwerp and the Academic

Working Group of the Leo Baeck Institute in Germany


Tuesday, 26. January 2021


Opening & Greetings

Prof. Galili Shahar

Prof. Vivian Liska

Prof. Miriam Rürup

17:00-17.45: Roundtable: Approaching German-Jewish Environmental History

Dr. Irene Aue-Ben-David in conversation with Prof. Guy Miron, Dr. Dominik Hünniger and Prof. Miriam Rürup

18:00-19:30: Enlightenment, Nature and Jews

Chair: Prof. Shmuel Feiner

Prof. Carl Niekerk

Enlightenment Natural History and the Jew as a "parasitic plant"

Dr. Tal Kogman

Nature as Textbook: The Emergence of the Natural World as an Educational Topic in German-Jewish Haskala

Didi Van Trijp

The Fish Books of Marcus Élieser Bloch (1723–1799) and the Politics of Preservation in Eighteenth-Century Europe

Link for registration:



Wednesday, 27. January 2021, 17:00-19:30

17:00-18:15: Perceptions of Nature in Palestine

Chair: Hagit Lavsky

Prof. Tal Alon-Mozes

Garden and Nature in the work of landscape architect Haim Latte

Mona Bieling

Ideologies in Nature: The Hebrew University’s Botanical Garden during the Palestinian Mandate Years

Tobias Mörike

Fields of interest. Zionist environmental expertise and Arab agriculture (1916- 1933)

18:30-19:30: Spatial Turn and Environmental History: New Perspectives on the Holocaust

Chair: David Silberklang

A conversation between Prof. Guy Miron and Prof. Helmut Walser Smith at the event of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Link for registration: https://www.fee.co.il/e16489/0/en


Thursday, 28.1.2021

16:30-18:45: Between Heimat and Exile

Chair: Prof. Vivian Liska

Dr. Yael Almog

Flipping Homelands: Jews’ Affective Attachment to A Land’s Soil

Philipp Nielsen

German Jewish Agricultural Settlement and the Question which “Heimat” should be cultivated

– 15 minutes break –

Dr. Ofri Ilany

Nature, Eros and Youth Movement: The Case of Walter Moses

Dr. Anna-Dorothea Ludewig/Jan Maruhn/Nina Senger – Hugo Simon (1880-1950) and the Idea of Nature and Landscape

19:00-20:00: Concluding Session

Chair: Steffen Hagemann

Dr. David Schorr (Tel Aviv University)

Nature, the material turn, and German-Jewish History

Concluding Remarks

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