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אירוע // הרצאה: גלובליות וידע רוחבי (סאסקיה סאסן) [ון ליר, מקוון] 21.12.20

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Globality and Transversal Knowledge

Lecture |

The Global Studies Forum is delighted to host a lecture by

Prof. Saskia Sassen

We have built powerful specialized knowledge histories and analyses, but the price we pay for such knowledge is the rise of highly distinct knowledge silos. These are marked by a kind of enclosure to protect them from all the other knowledge silos. Prof. Sassen’s talk will seek to understand the need for transversal modes of analysis when it comes to certain kinds of global questions. This kind of inquiry is a first step toward recovering aspects of the transversal conditions that we have lost sight of as we have kept climbing up our knowledge silos.

The English live broadcast will have Hebrew subtitles.


Prof. Saskia Sassen

Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology and Co-Chairs the Committee on Global Thought, Columbia University

Chair: Dr. Kfir Cohen Lustig, the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

21.12.20, 19:30-21:30


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