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אירוע // המלצת רמה // סרט ודיון: קורונה - השתנות מערכות היחסים בין העמים וממשלותיהם [ביה"ס לכלכלה של לונדון, מקוון] 12.11.20

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COVID-19: The Changing Relationship between People and their Governments

With emergency powers being deployed across the globe to help control the spread of coronavirus, the relationship between the people and their governments has fundamentally changed. CV-19: A Film by the Department of Government highlights research being carried out into the impact and consequences of these changing relationships.

The film explores the threat to liberal democratic norms, public support for an authoritarian government response, how governments are being held accountable, what the effects are on public transport and a new digital frontier for political campaigning, all of which will be discussed in more depth at this online roundtable. All academic researchers will give a summary of their research relating to COVID-19, and then we will open discussion up to questions from the audience.


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