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אירוע // הרצאה: ישראל - היהודים באים (נטע שרם). (סדרה: שטיק! סאטירה ודת) [קיימברידג', מקוון] 14.10.20

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Israel – “The Jews are Coming” Netta Schramm

Webinar series – Michaelmas
Shtick! Humor, Satire and Religion
Chair: Alissa Symon
Host: Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner

Shtick! is a five-episode webinar series which investigates the connection of modern comedy, satire and religion through some of its most famous appearances in pop culture.

Episode 1, October 14, 5PM: Jewish; Israel – “The Jews are Coming”
Netta Schramm

“The Jews are Coming”
Synopsis: Just two months ago, “the Jews are Coming” caused such uproar in Israel, that individuals went out and protested against the show. In this episode, our speaker will explain why the series produced such criticism, and argue that rather than being a form of blasphemy, “the Jews are Coming” are a new form of the religious sermon.
Netta Schramm is a Minverva fellow at the center for Israel Studies at LMU Munich and a graduate student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Netta's interests are modern Jewish thought and hermeneutics.

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Episode 1, October 14, 5PM: Jewish; Israel – “The Jews are Coming”
Netta Schramm

Episode 2, October 28, 5PM: Christians; UK – “Life of Brian”
Prof James Crossley

Episode 3, November 11: Christians; US – “The Righteous Gemstones”
Sam Victor

Episode 4, November 25: Jewish; Canada: “Yidlife crisis”
Miriam Borden

Episode 5, December 2: Concluding remarks on Humor and Religion
Panel: Dr Lina Molokotos-Liederman, Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner, Alissa Symon.

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