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אירוע // סדנה: 25 שנה לכינון הסכם אוסלו: ממשל, שליטה והתנגדות בצורותיהם העכשויות בשטחים שתחת ישראל והפלסטינים [אונ חיפה / מקוון] 22,27,29.7.20

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הארוע מתקיים במסגרת מרכז מינרבה לחקר שלטון החוק במצבי קיצון. לפרטים על תוכנית הארוע יש להיכנס לקישור: http://minervaextremelaw.haifa.ac.il/index.php/en/32-center-events/385-international-workshop-june-2020

Twenty-five years after the collapse of the Oslo process, it seems that the trajectories of conflict and peace between Israel and Palestinians are entering
a new phase. The Trump “Peace to Prosperity” plan and Israel’s intention to go forward with the annexation of parts of the occupied territories cast serious doubt on the possibility of resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the bases of mutual agreement. However, the working hypothesis of this workshop is that the reality on the ground in the last two decades suggests that on the micro-level, state apparatuses, organizations and individuals have been adopting novel forms of governance, control and resistance in the occupied territories long before these current events. In this reality, the occupation is developing towards not only the stabilization and entrenchment of Israel’s forced control over the Palestinians, but also towards the normalization of such control as an acceptable reality that “works” on the ground. In this developing reality, novel practices, arrangements and forms of governance and control constantly emerge on different social and spatial scales, all of which merit attention as an actual and developing base-constellation for any future political prospects..


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