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אירוע // מפגש: על סיר הבשר – מטבח ישראלי ופלסטיני בחו״ל (סדרה: שמים הכל על השולחן) [ון ליר / מקוון] 30.6.20

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The Migrating Food Pot: Palestinian and Israeli Cuisines in Europe and the US

The Migrating Food Pot: Palestinian and Israeli Cuisines in Europe and the US

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על סיר הבשר – מטבח ישראלי ופלסטיני בחו״ל

القدْر المهاجر- المطبخان الإسرائيلي والفلسطيني خارج البلاد

Second Encounter (in English)

A Series of Encounters about Food and Politics

Turning the Tables: Palestinian and Israeli Cuisines

Chair: Prof. Daniel Monterescu, Dr. Ronald Ranta

Participants:Reem Kassis, Yotam Ottolenghi, Gal Ben Moshe, Claudia Roden

Chefs, sommeliers, and scholars, Jews and Arabs, talk about food and politics in the kitchen.

There has never been an open and critical discussion of the political issues underlying gastronomy in Israel.

This series of meetings sets out from the assumption that the local cuisine is necessarily influenced by the struggle for national self-definition, cultural appropriation, and gender representation.

Join us for a roundtable that combines food and thought.

Steering committee: Daniel Monterescu, Omar Elwan, Yair Yosefi, Noa Berger, Basma Fahoum, Gal Ben Moshe

In the last few years Middle Eastern, Palestinian and Israeli cuisines have experienced a global boom, from London to New York, Paris to Berlin. What is the secret of this success, and how can the phenomenon be understood? How does “migrant” cuisine integrate into local culinary culture, and what happens to the culinary politics of the Levant as it travels overseas?



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