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אירוע // ערב עיון: הקורונה והגדרת הגבולות של אירופה מחדש [מקוון] 16.6.20

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COVID-19 and the Rebordering of EU Spaces

The latest challenge to border management in the EU has come from the coronavirus, as member states endeavor to close their homeland spaces to almost all outsiders. Will borders return to their pre-corona status or will they remain relatively closed in the coming years, a policy which some governments are eager to pursue? These issues and more will be addressed by four leading international border scholars.

16.6.20, 18:00-19:30

https://huji.zoom.us/j/91724745582?pwd=ek9pTitqZEhPaGxGUjRpTVJldEhrUT09 Meeting ID: 917 2474 5582 | Password: 6h43s3

תזכורות יישלחו 10 ,5 ,2 ימים לפני האירוע וביום האירוע
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