While the original response to the crisis almost everywhere was shock and disbelief, some countries locked down and mobilized resources considerably faster than others. This webinar will explore how local economic and political realities have determined national responses to the pandemic and their social and political effects among developed countries.

After the presentation, there will be a brief period for questions. Questions can be submitted using the Q&A function in Zoom.

After the overall event, the Young Scholars Initiative will host a larger, informal discussion with Thomas Ferguson on the YSI website. You may register for this discussion here; zoom information will also be provided during the webinar.

Thomas Ferguson is INET’s Director of Research and a member of INETs Advisory Board. He obtained his Ph.D. from Princeton and taught at MIT, the University of Texas, Austin, and the University of Massachusetts, Boston, where he is now … READ MORE

12 ET, 21:00 JLM time