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Dear colleagues,

I am happy to share an exciting opportunity for a post-doctoral position at Fair Transport Lab in the Technion's Faculty or Architecture and Town Planning, Haifa, Israel.

As part of my long-term research on the nexus between transport and justice, I am looking for an outstanding post-doc candidate to conduct research into the fairness of the transport systems of metropolitan areas in the US.

The research can draw on a large-scale database of 50 metropolitan areas and will combine quantitative methods, GIS analyses and explicitly philosophical perspectives on justice and fairness in the domain of transport. The project part of a research project funded by the Israel Science Foundation.

Specific requirements for potential candidates:

  • A PhD degree in the fields of transport, urban planning, geography, geosciences or a comparable field.
  • Experience with applying quantitative research methods, including spatial statistics and GIS-based analysis.
  • Knowledge of R and Python is strongly preferred.
  • Critical thinking and an affinity with the social or philosophical dimensions of transport and transport research.
  • Excellent verbal communication and academic writing skills in English.
  • Enthusiasm for research, as evidenced by presentations at academic conferences, academic publications, or comparable activities.

The selected candidate will receive a full-time stipendium, in line with Technion policies. The scholarship commences upon admission to the PhD program and is for a period of one year, with a possible extension for another year. The height of the monthly scholarship is between NIS 8,000 and NIS 12,000, depending on experience. The research project also includes budget for travel to international conferences to present the results of the research.

Start date: 1 September or as soon as travel restrictions allow

The research will be conducted at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel's leading university. It is home to a thriving world center of research and teaching, with about 13,000 students and 80 graduate programs. The Fair Transport Lab brings together a lively group of senior and junior researchers, all conducting research that touches on fairness in the domain of transport.

Please send application before 31 May 2020 to:

Karel Martens



מפרסם ההודעה
קרל מרטנס kmartens@technion.ac.il
כתובת מלאה
הטכניון - מכון טכנולוגי לישראל, Haifa, Israel
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