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אירוע // הרצאה: הכרזות על מצב חירום על רקע אירוע התפרצות מגיפה הקורונה [אונ חיפה / מקוון] 4.5.20

כתובת ההודעה: https://www.hum-il.com/message/0050206/

Declarations of state of emergency, COVID-19 pandemic

Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions is hosting a webinar on:
Declarations of state of emergency, COVID-19 pandemic

The event is comprised of two lecture sessions:
1. Stefan Voigt and Christian Bjornskov will discuss the topic of: "Declaring states of emergencies during the corona pandemic: Where and why?"
2. Nir Kosti will discuss the topic of: "Does a state of emergency lead to a more restrictive policy?"

Abstract for Nir Kosti's talk:
More than half of the world’s countries declared a state of emergency (SOE) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic during the last two months. While a SOE grants governments extensive authorities, it is unclear yet whether these powers are used to tackle emergent situations. This talk will discuss the relationship between SOE declarations and the actual policy measures taken by governments in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Using an original dataset SOE declarations in almost 200 countries and the Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker (OxCGRT), I show that a SOE does not necessarily associate with the level of policy restrictiveness taken in response to the COVID-19. Countries that declared a SOE did not apply more stringent measures than countries that did not. These findings imply that in some cases, governments did not use SOE declarations to cope with the coronavirus pandemic, but to gain more powers than they had before the pandemic hit. The implications of these findings will be discussed.

הקישור להרצאה ופרטים נוספים מופיעים בכתובת הבאה: http://minervaextremelaw.haifa.ac.il/index.php/en/32-center-events/369-webinar-declarations-of-state-of-emergency-covid-19-pandemic

4.5.20 בשעה 18:30-20:30

תזכורות יישלחו 10 ,5 ,2 ימים לפני האירוע וביום האירוע
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