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אירוע // ** ביטול קורונה ** מפגש: כיצד האמנות יכולה להאיר את המדע? (לורן רדניס) [ון ליר, ירושלים] 18.3.20 ** ביטול קורונה **

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Can Art Illuminate Science? ** CANCELLED**

CANCELLED בוטל בשל הקורונה

Can Art Illuminate Science?
Participant: Lauren Redniss

Talking about Science in the Twenty-First Century
Third Series, moderated by Prof. Oren Harman
This lecture will be given in English.

Art and drawing have long been used as instruments of scientific inquiry. From Albrecht Durer to Galileo, artists and scientists have created images meant not only to depict and persuade but also to discover. When Charles Darwin was a child, he attended lectures by ornithologist and painter John J. Audubon. Historians have even suggested that sketching helped Darwin conceptualize his theory of evolution. Through history, reportage, and sometimes surreal images, the books of MacArthur Award-winning artist Lauren Redniss explore the human implications of scientific discovery. In this intimate evening, she will discuss how her work probes questions of politics, sustainability, and the mysteries of the natural world.
How do plants communicate with each other? Do women and men have different brains? How can art illuminate science? These are some of the questions that will engage us in the third season of the series. We’ll meet brain scientists and a philosopher, a botanist and a writer, an expert on human evolution, a jurist and a musician-performer. In an attempt to better understand our world and ourselves, we will listen attentively and open our hearts to the fascinating relations between people and ideas, and between science and culture.


The event begins at 18:00

מפרסם ההודעה
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מכון ון ליר בירושלים, ז'בוטינסקי 43, ירושלים, ישראל
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