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קול קורא // לסמינרים מוזיקולוגיים - צליל מעודכן 2020 [תל אביב - יפו 07/20] דדליין=30.1.20

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Tzlil Meudcan musicological roundtables 2020

The Musicology Department at the Hebrew University and Tzlil Meudcan Festival invite graduate and postgraduate students in musicology to submit applications for the Tzlil Meudcan musicological roundtables, Tel Aviv, July 4-9, 2020. Roundtables will be held in parallel with festival program whose thematic focus this year is “Patterns”.

The musicological sessions will feature a public symposium (July 4) followed by daily roundtables on the festival’s program and assigned reading on various related topics (July 6-9). Discussions will be led by Prof. Martin Iddon (University of Leeds) and Dr. Assaf Shelleg (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem). Successful candidates will enjoy a free pass to the entire festival program in addition to reduced accommodation costs at the Gilgal hotel in Tel Aviv, where all festivals guests will be accommodated allowing a mutual vibrant environment right off the beautiful coast line of Tel Aviv.

Applicants should submit a statement outlining their research interests (250 words) in addition to a biographical sketch.Please submit your application at tzlilmeudcan@outlook.com

Submission deadline: January 30, 2020.

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