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Each year the Center brings together a mix of scholars who are pursuing their own research projects in the history of political economy. The Center provides the following sorts of fellowships:

· Senior Research Fellowships enable scholars at various stages of their careers to come to the Center for either a semester or academic year to develop a substantial piece of research in the history of political economy.

· Research Fellowships enable more junior scholars to advance their research careers under the umbrella of the Center. A secondary goal is to develop their skills in teaching the history of economics.

· Final Year Fellowships allow doctoral students to spend their final year completing their dissertations in the company of others, including more established scholars, working in the history of political economy. A secondary goal is to develop their skills in teaching the history of economics.


Research Fellows may come to the Center for either a semester, a full academic year (which runs from the end of August to the beginning of May), or a twelve month period. (Those who wish to come for shorter stays may wish to consult the "Academic Visits" section.) Though the principal purpose of the Fellowship program is to allow successful applicants to pursue their own research, Fellows are invited to join a vibrant intellectual community of scholars by participating in the many other programs (e.g., workshops, HOPE lunches, and conferences) that the Center offers. More junior scholars may also wish to sit in on classes during term and to participate in the “Summer in the Archives” program.


The Center has funding available for support of Fellows. When possible, Fellows should attempt to bring their own funding through some combination of support from their own university (e.g., fellowships or sabbatical funds) and from outside foundations. We recognize that more junior scholars may not have ready access to such support, and typically we fully fund their stays. Sometimes our acceptance of an applicant’s proposal will be contingent on either the applicant or the Center being able to secure outside funds. Fellowship funding is only available during the academic year, when school is in term.

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